My new jeans are helping me with depression

My new jeans are helping me with depression


I step out of my house wondering if I made the right choices. Did I wear something that makes me feel like the confident boss bitch I am?  I didnt do yoga this morning, maybe ill do it tomorrow, I tell myself knowingly. I hear yoga helps you feel happy, also drink some more damn water. Okay, so on my way to work and I feel my outfit says, sad shop girl who is ready anyday now for a makeover. Not quite what I had hoped for. 

Flip open my Instagram on the bus to see the cool girl outfit of my dreams. A casual slightly rinkled white button down tucked into faded vintage style mom jeans and a pair of low heals. Laughing to myself at the idea of findign jeans that look that good on me and made well enough they wont fall apart at the crotch almost hhas me falling out of my seat. They dont make good quality denim that looks vintage levi's enough for a size 16+. 

Dont think i havent tried with hips full of hope to get that perfect pair. But alas, they always fail me. Either they stretch to quick, rip in the crotch, are too long or fade so fast they go from dark blue to grey quicker then it takes to come up on my bank statement. 

I used ot dream about finding a pair I could slip on day in and day out with sneakers, heels, boots, blouses, band tshirts, or button downs and walk down the street with the 'I just slipped this on but dont I look like a fashion blogger'.