My name is Elle. 

I have always dreamt of working for a magazine ever since I was a little girl and saw Funny Face for the first time. My eyes were wide with wonder as I watched the garments and colors swirling about on the screen forming the pages like dancing stars in the night sky becoming constellations. It was true magic to me. From then on I was hooked. I watched that movie more times than I think Ive seen any other movie in my life. Some time later I took a 'History of Photography' class and discovered creative photo artists like Avedon, Arbus, Penn, Leibovitz, and Newton. It wasnt just pretty pictures, they said something and peaked through the looking glass into the soul of the people as well as the current social culture. It completely refreshed my love for the world all over again but from an artistic as well as sociological perspective. 

So here I am currently, a queer-zaftig-married-millennial-valley girl-cat mom. I have an idea of the woman I want to become, the boss ass bitch I admire within me. Only now, the journey is being selfish enough to find her and bring her to the sun---while working a little above minimum wage job and going to school full time---of course. 

My dream is to turn La Femmelle into a digital magazine for people of many walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences who can share their words and art. Being a cisgender white female and this being for now, just my journey, I recognize that as a part of my experience and my lense and therefore am always open to feedback in relations to my content.  

Think of La Femmelle as the digital corner cafe lit with twinkly lights and cracked corners. Where your favorite big comfy chairs are always available for you and the wifi is free. Curl up, read a bit or daydream about the stars. Whoever you are, you are welcome here. 

Come have tea with me and enjoy. 

-Elle, La Femmelle